Red Carpet Facial

shutterstock_14606902This is our signature facial, designed to stimulate cellular activity creating collagen and elastin. We deeply cleanse the skin and perform extractions if required then we move on to remove the dull mask of dead skin cells by our exfoliation.

From the age of 25 our collagen production has been known to slow down so we need to stimulate it in order to keep our skin looking young, hydrated with maximum healing capabilities.

Ultra sound is used to channel active ingredients into the skin stimulating oxygen and collagen.

Oxygen enables the skin cells to work at their best; we live in a polluted environment so we need all the help we can get in order to maintain a healthy skin.

We massage the skin using lifting techniques which encourage firmness in facial muscles. A lymphatic drainage massage is performed encouraging toxins to be drained from the face reducing puffiness.

We massage the shoulders and arms whilst the Photo rejuvenation with LED light therapy pushes active peptides deep into the skin.

The Red carpet facial gets your skin ready for The Red Carpet and is the ultimate in rejuvenation suitable for all skin types.

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