Cherry Angioma

Cherry AngiomaCherry angiomas are common skin growths that mainly affect those aged 30 and over. Though usually harmless, they won’t go away of their own accord. Their appearance can be unsightly and can impact self-esteem. For this reason, many people choose to have them removed. At the Angel Laser Clinic, we’re able to treat cherry angiomas quickly and safely using laser surgery.

What is a cherry angioma?

    1. A cherry angioma is a small, red benign skin growth that can develop virtually anywhere on your body, though they’re most commonly found on the arms, shoulders and torso. It’s not known what causes them, though some people may be genetically more likely to develop them, and pregnancy and several other possible factors have been linked to them. They get their red colour from the broken blood vessels inside them, and they can be anything from a pinprick to several millimetres in diameter. They are usually harmless and can be removed safely for cosmetic reasons, but we recommend that you see your doctor if your angioma bleeds or changes size, shape or colour.


Effective laser treatment for cherry angiomas

    1. You’ll start with a consultation at our Central London clinic with one of our laser practitioners, who will explain your course of treatment and how many sessions you are likely to need. If you’re only having one angioma removed, you should only need a single session, but if you have many that need removing or a particularly stubborn one, you may require up to three sessions.Laser surgery for cherry angiomas involves using a pulsed dye laser, which rapidly destroys the angioma tissue using heat. This is a quick outpatient procedure with minimal discomfort, and you can go home straight afterwards. Please note that if your cherry angioma is large or protruding out from your skin, it may need to be surgically removed by your Angel Laser Clinic dermatologist.


A simple procedure with great results

  1. This popular treatment is extremely effective and will clear your cherry angioma within ten to fourteen days of treatment. Though the procedure itself is not painful, you may experience slight bruising for up to 10 days in the area from which the angioma was removed.

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