• “I recommend The Angel Laser Clinic because they are polite, competent and professional. When you are having the treatment done the therapist explains what she is doing and why. This made me feel confident and relaxed.”
    Akemy D.
  • “I have severe acne and have been on medication to treat it for the past 12 months. The practitioner at The Angel Laser Clinic said I was not suitable for laser treatment at present and that I had to wait 6 months after coming off medication before having the treatment done. I am glad I had this free consultation as I went to another place and they did not mention this to me at all!”
  • “I felt comfortable with The Angel Laser Clinic and in good hands. I have refered the clinic to both colleagues and friends and have given gift certificates as presents to three of them. I live close to Heathrow so I have to travel about one hour to get to the clinic but it is worth it!.”
    Wen Lee
  • “The Angel Laser Clinic uses excellent products and provides professional treatments at a very affordable price. I never feel rushed as I have in some other clinics. They are very honest about what a treatment can do for you. The facial I have once a week does what they said; it removes impurities and excess sebum and leaves my skin refreshed. After the treatment I feel totally relaxed.”
    Vivian G.
  • “A professional and friendly atmosphere welcomes you the moment you enter the clinic. I felt the staff at The Angel Laser Clinic took a special interest in helping me and were committed to providing an exceptional experience to their patients.”
    Nicholas N.
  • “I was having laser treatment at another clinic but I could never get an appointment for the time I needed. With The Angel Laser Clinic I have been able to get appointment times which suit my busy schedule and sometimes they’ve squeezed me in on the day I called. The customer service is excellent. Highly recommended.”
    Mark T.
  • “I liked the attitude of the practitioner who definitely wasn’t pushing me to buy. I felt very comfortable during the treatment and I think that the laser’s cooling air really helped numb my skin, making the sessions quite painless. During the treatment she was patient and diligent, careful to remind me to use the after care gel and sunscreen afterwards.”
    Katia Fort
  • “I did some research online about which types of lasers had the best reputation for permanent hair removal. I then compared prices between clinics using the Cynosure Elite laser and found that The Angel Laser Clinic was the most competitive. My skin is very white and my hair dark brown. The results were amazing. My skin feels so smooth and soft. Now I don’t have to worry about hair removal every time I teach my fitness classes! Thanks.”
    Katherine N.
  • “I had hair on my face that always made me feel embarrassed. I appreciated the honesty of the practitioner regarding my hair removal expectations. She told me that my hormone levels as a result of polycystic ovaries syndrome meant that new hair was likely to re-grow after laser treatment. However, laser therapy has helped me control my hair growth and I am very happy with the results. I feel more feminine and my husband has noticed a great difference!”
    Babhini Begum
  • “I looked for laser hair removal in London and went to few consultations at different clinics. Being a man I was a bit embarrassed but my back was very hairy and made me feel so uncomfortable. I pushed myself to try to do something about it. I chose The Angel Laser Clinic because the people there were very friendly and respectful. I felt comfortable discussing my concerns with the laser nurse and the knowledgeable way in which she answered my questions convinced me I was in good hands. I’m much more confident now, especially when I go on holiday. Thank you.”
    Carlos Tor