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  • 40% off laser hair removal course of 8 treatments

Laser Hair Removal

AreaAny one of the followingOne Session8 Sessions Special PriceDiscounted Session Price
SmallWomen: face or bikini, underarms
Men: face
MediumWomen: full legs
Men: Back, shoulders
LargeWomen: full legs, underarms, bikini
Men: back, shoulders, upper arms
 XLWomen: legs, underarms, bikini, arms
Men: back, shoulders, full arms
XXLWomen: legs, arms, bikini, underarms, buttocks
Men: back, shoulders, half arms, chest, abs
Full BodyTop to toe for men and women£494£2368£296

Consultation with a Laser Specialist: £29

Dermatology consultation: £215


Treatment Prices

  • Laser for Acne, Pigmentation and Rejuvenation

    TreatmentPrice per session Total package price
    Revlite or Regenlite 1 session£197
    Revlite or Regenlite 8 sessions 25%off£148£1182
  • Vascular Laser Treatment

    Facial veins£197
    Venous lake£197
    Cherry Angiomas£197
    Rosacea, Psoriasis, Scars£197
    Port wine mark£197
  • Dermaroller and Dermapen

    TreatmentSingle Session
    Dermaroller with a practitioner£197


  • Chemical Peel

    Image Peel£197


  • Skin Resurfacing

    Fractional Skin Resurfacing
    Single session£350
    25% off  Course of 3 sessions£262 total: £786
  • Electrolysis

    ElectrolysisSingle session8 sessions


     12 sessions

    40% off

     Hair £129 £776 £924
    Millia or skin tags£150 — —
  • Wart treatment

    Number of warts  Price