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Pay per session with the discount included and free from packages and payments in advance



Consultation fee £29 with a laser practitioner or £250 with a Dermatologist

Treatment Prices

  • Dermatology

    Consultation with Dr Bryan McDonald: £250 

    Dermatology follow up: £190

    Dermatology procedures at the hospital: £600 to £1000

  • Laser Pigmentation, Rejuvenation and Fine hair

    TreatmentPrice per session
    Revlite or Regenlite Facial£150
    Revlite or Regenlite Facial + Peel + LED£197 
     Revlite Nevus of Ota £150
    Revlite body hair bleachingPrice
    Small (e.g: upper arms)£132
    Medium (e.g: full back)£252
    Large (e.g: full back +upper arms)£312
    XL (full back + full arms)£396
    XXL (full back +full front + upper arms)£448


  • Vascular Laser Treatment

    Venous lake£197
    Cherry Angiomas£197
    Port wine mark£197
  • Dermaroller and Dermapen

    One session price: £197

  • Fractional Skin Resurfacing for acne scars and rejuvenation

     EndyMed 25% off
    Fractional Skin Resurfacing
    Single session £350£262
  • Electrolysis

    ElectrolysisSingle sessionDiscount 25% off  
     Hair £129 £97
    Millia or skin tags£150 —
  • Wart treatment

    Number of warts  Price

    We specialise in genital warts and treat all others types also except plantar warts (verrucas)

    Before the laser treatment a letter of diagnosis from a GP or a Dermatologist is needed.

  • Lipofirm

    Cellulite reduction and skin tightening treatment 

    Body areaPrice
    Small (e.g: abdomen)£132
    Medium (e.g: Buttock + thighs)£252
    Large (e.g: Buttocks + Abdomen + Thighs)£312
    XL (e.g: Buttocks + Abdomen + Thighs + upper arms)£396
  • Byonik hydrating laser facial

    One session price: £197