Laser vein removal

The Cause of Unwanted Veins.

Red, blue or purple leg and facial veins can be a result of sun exposure, use of oral contraception, hormone therapy, age or genetics. It can be quite hard to tell each person’s cause of these veins but it either one or even a combination of the reasons given above.

What other factors increase the risk of varicose veins and thread veins

Many factors increase a person’s chances of developing varicose or spider veins. These include:

  • Increasing age. As you get older, the valves in your veins may weaken and not work as well.
  • Medical history. Being born with weak vein valves increases your risk. Having family members with vein problems also increases your risk. About half of all people who have varicose veins have a family member who has them too.
  • Hormonal changes. These occur during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Taking oral contraception and other medicines containing oestrogen and progesterone also may contribute to the forming of varicose or thread veins.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy, there is a huge increase in the amount of blood in the body. This can cause veins to enlarge. The growing uterus also puts pressure on the veins. Varicose veins usually improve within 3 months after delivery. More varicose veins and thread veins usually appear with each additional pregnancy.
  • Obesity. Being overweight or obese can put extra pressure on your veins. This can lead to varicose veins.
  • Lack of movement. Sitting or standing for a long time may force your veins to work harder to pump blood to your heart. This may be a bigger problem if you sit with your legs bent or crossed.

How the laser treatment works.

The Cynosure Elite MPX laser emits a prescribed dose of light energy to the vein which causes the blood within the vein to coagulate, eventually destroying the vessel which is later reabsorbed by your body. The laser selectively targets the problem veins whilst leaving surrounding areas unharmed.

The types of veins can be treated?

The Cynosure Elite can remove unsightly veins from all parts of the body. Small facial veins can be treated quickly without bruising or complication. Spider veins and large blue veins can also be treated with excellent results. Knotty varicose veins are not good candidates. A careful evaluation with your Aesthetician will help you determine which vessels can be treated and the best course of treatment.

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