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Latest laser for Acne

Regenlite is the only laser that allows you to treat close to and on the upper eyelid. The Regenlite™ Pulsed Dye Laser offers effective acne treatments with no need for cooling or anesthesia and little or no visible after-effects. Patients love the Regenlite™ because there is no pain, just a warm sensation on the the skin.

Latest aesthetic lasers

Leading Laser Technology

Remove unwanted hair, tattoos, thead veins and pigmentation faster and more effectively. Our Revlite and Cynosure Elite lasers are the latest laser technology. Our laser treatments work for any body area and for all skin types.

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Our dermatologists are trained to confidently look after adults with dermatological conditions. Our aim is to diagnose and treat patients effectively with a broad range of skin problems, from acne and to skin cancers.  


Lasers for Dark Skin

Our Cynosure Elite is the best laser technology available today. It combines the Nd: YAG laser, which is the gold standard for Asian and Black skin, and the Alexandrite laser which is for white skin types. This combination produces the ultimate system for safe and effective hair removal for all skin types.